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Encounter City Church is a place where we are contending for a move of God. We are raising up a generation of radical firebrands that walk in God's presence and power.  If you're hungry for more,  we'd love to hear from you. Click the button below to fill out a Connect Card and join us for our Sunday and Midweek gatherings!

When we Meet

Sunday Gathering

10:30 am

Midweek Gathering

7:00 pm (Suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions)

What To Expect

  1. We are a very presence centered church so it’s not unusual for us to worship for 40-45 minutes on Sunday morning. Some might say we are extreme, but we recognize the importance of building a tabernacle of David atmosphere in our church. We believe that encountering God in worship is critical to our walk with the Lord and the journey God has us on. Our worship is contemporary in style, authentic in Spirit and genuine in passion.
  2. We believe in the power of prayer and intercession. Our gatherings always begin with a time of intercession, sometimes one and other times two people,  who pray to set the pace for our time together ministering to the Lord. We will never be a church of power until we become a church of prayer. 
  3. Dress is as casual as you like or as dressy as you like. What’s most important is that you bring your gift of worship before the Lord! We believe the church is not just here for us, but we are here for the church, His church.
  4. We believe our children need to be trained and raised up with their families in the house of the Lord so they worship with us and after worship are dismissed to a class specifically designed for their age.
  5. The Bible based messages are uncompromising and challenging as we seek to be truth seekers. We desire the Word of God to be transformative and to allow the sword of the Lord to do its work in our lives.
  6. We do receive an offering at some point during the service. Drop your tithe or offering in the plate or you can give online via the website or ECC app.
  7. We almost always have a time for altar response. It is designed to be a time where we can respond outwardly to the Word of God in our lives. The altar in Scripture is always a place of encounter with God and that is something that we value greatly.
  8. First time guests all receive a  thank you gift following the service at the ECC Hub. Simply return your connection card for your free gift.

How To Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.